5 Easy Tricks to Speed up Your Post-Workout Recovery

Stretching is the most common thing that people think of when it comes to what they should be doing post-workout as far as their recovery is concerned. However, there is a whole world of things that people can be doing on top of stretching to help them through the recovery process. Here are a few simple and easy to implement strategies that you can add to your post-workout routine to help speed up your recovery.

  • Massage: Go get a massage! A massage can help break up scar tissue, increase blood flow, and loosen up all the tense muscles as well as help you feel more relaxed. If getting a massage on a regular basis is a little out of budget, there are plenty of more affordable alternatives. Brands like Theragun and Hyperice are putting out massage guns, which have become very popular for all levels of athletes in the past few years. Most gyms now have foam rollers for their clients to use. Any of these options will help shorten that period of post-workout soreness. *FSP has onsite chiropractors equipped with Hyperice percussion therapy, Normatec compression therapy, among other recovery modalities. Back to Action to read more.
  • Re-fuel & Re-Hydrate: You lose a lot of fluid and stored energy during a workout. You need to restore everything lost during the workout which can be done by eating a well-balanced meal about an hour after your workout. This post-workout meal should be high in protein and carbs. Additionally, you need to re-hydrate after a good sweat. Drinking coconut water can add potassium, which helps your body retain a higher level of the fluids.
  • Relax: Stress can really hinder the body’s ability to recover from a workout. Destressing naturally lets your body heal itself without the need for outside forces. High levels of stress can affect your immune system as well. Some experts suggest things like meditation to help with stress management.
  • Pills: Don’t overdo it, but taking probiotics after a workout to boost your immune system, not only protects you from getting sick but can also help you accelerate the recovery process. On the other hand, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories can actually harm your recovery process. Inflammation is part of the body’s natural healing process, so stopping this process delays your body’s ability to rebuild and strengthen your torn down muscles.
  • Active Recovery: Including an active portion to your post-workout routine can help speed up your recovery. We encourage you to utilize an active recovery process. Low-stress activities like a brisk walk or bike ride begin the cool-down process while improving your body’s circulation right after your workout. This also releases some of the built-up lactic acid in the muscle groups that you’ve just worked out.

Try out these tips to help speed up your post-workout recovery. If you’re looking for a reason to try out these tips, contact us and come get your butt kicked into shape by our amazing team of trainers!

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