About Functional Sports Performance and Training: Athletic Performance, Personal Training, Weight Loss Training, and more.

We teach you to say “Yes I can”.

NEVER STOP TRAINING: it’s more than a simple motto.

It’s a way of life, an attitude shared by everyone at Functional Sports Performance. Founded by professional coaches, FSP is a sports performance based company focused on achieving results.

Think of all the positive influences that took you beyond what you thought you could achieve. We’re the high school coach that showed you what working harder could accomplish. We are the friends you competed with side-by-side at swim meets, basketball, football, baseball and soccer games. We’re your best friend in college, sharing recovery techniques after a night out or following a brutal round of midterms. We’re the ones in your corner, building your confidence enough to say, “yeah…I’ve got this.”

What makes us so effective?

Functional Sports Performance understands that no effective ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach exists. A swimmer has different energy needs than a baseball player; a competitive runner requires a physical development protocol that is different to that of a football player. Different sports require and deserve different approaches when it comes to sports performance training and Functional Sports Performance accommodates with a proven approach. We focus on movement and strength training tailored to each individual’s goals. We believe that every step you take in the gym should move you closer to achieving both short and long-term goals.

Meet Our Coaching Staff


Success: the common denominator

Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists have the experiential knowledge and performance-focused education necessary to help you take your game to the next level, develop healthy exercise habits, achieve and maintain your ideal weight and realize your fitness goals, whatever they may be. By delivering the tools and education you need in a community setting, you’ll never want for encouragement. Although goals differ from person to person, we’re all aiming for success. Functional Sports Performance makes sure you achieve it. You share your desires and we provide the tools to make them reality. The FSP coaches employ the most effective scientifically-based programming, education and monitoring protocols while keeping you accountable, all delivered within an environment that’s designed with your success in mind.