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Aim for Perfection, Achieve Excellence

Athletic Performance Training by Functional Sports Performance

Among athletes that excel in their respective sports there is a common characteristic; a personality trait they all seem to share. Those at the top never stop trying to do better. They constantly strive to lift more, run faster, swim stronger, jump higher, throw further, increase their accuracy, shorten their reaction time: for these next-level athletes, there is always room for improvement.

Being Intentional

Functional Sports Performance understands the drive and determination to excel. We believe that understanding the science of physical preparation and how it relates to particular sports plays an intimately fundamental part in reaching those higher levels of performance. Practicing what you know sharpens the skills and attributes you’ve already developed…but it won’t advance your game.

Developing the physical adaptations that increases strength, mobility, speed, and being intentional in applying them in a focused manner is something we do every day. It’s this educated, focused approach to athletic performance training that has made Functional Sports Performance a recognized leader in the field of sports performance training.

The Industry’s Most Elite Level of Training

We learn about your goals and our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists design a plan to achieve them. These are published professionals, experts in their fields who have achieved amazing results for both amateur and professional sports athletes. A CSCS is the epitome of professional trainers, having earned a college degree before earning their certification. CSCS coaches are considered the most elite trainers in the business and the results are proof positive.

Functional Sports Performance has a VERY high success rate in helping kids achieve sports scholarships after 1-2 years of training with us. We’ve worked with student athletes at many universities, including:


Programs Designed for People, not Machines

With over 30 years of experience, our coaching staff designs programs and specific protocols tailored to both the individual and the sport. Our approach is to treat people like people, not machines. We develop a plan that you’ll actually follow: a plan that produces outcomes you’ll appreciate. Whether it’s swimming, football, baseball, basketball, rugby, track and field or any other sport, we provide the focused training regimen that makes a difference.

Our first week of training consists of a variety of different workouts for assessment. After this comprehensive testing and skill assessment, we design a plan that focuses on developing physical attributes and skills that push you toward success.