Is Cardio Making You Fat?

Did you get the “New Year’s Jump Start” you were looking for this year?

If so, have you been focusing on cardio to continue dropping the holiday weight?

With each new year, we know many people are likely to be thinking about making changes in their health.

The problem is most people only do cardio.

They do no resistance training of any sort.

Because cardio gets them really tired, they feel like they are losing weight and working hard, but in reality, cardio is actually keeping them fat!

When you only do cardio, you are training your body to store whatever calories you have as fat rather than burning fat; this is because when you do cardio, you are burning a lot of calories quickly. Your body is then recognizing that you are running low on energy stores – so the next time you eat, your body stores more.

If you do resistance training, because you’re breaking down your muscles, your body keeps sending more and more nutrients to the muscles in order to heal them. This means that you are able to burn fat faster, and consume more calories.

I like to think about it like building a house. If you are doing too much cardio, it is like building a house and running out of supplies. The house is going to be much more basic and smaller because you know that you ran out of supplies once and don’t want to risk doing it again.

Resistance training is like building a house with plenty of supplies, but everyday, a strong gust of wind comes and knocks off parts of the house. This leads you to building a larger, sturdier house because you know the gust of wind is coming and you need the supplies.

A lot of people are scared to hurt themselves when doing resistance training. It’s important to make sure that you are smart while doing any type of lifting. If you are a beginner, you should have a coach or trainer to watch and teach you the correct way to lift, how to rest, and even how to eat.

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