Stephen Beseda

Stephen Beseda has been involved in the sports training industry since 2001.

After studying Exercise Science at Central Washington University and receiving his B.A., Stephen received his CSCS through the National Strength Conditioning Association. He began working for BMD Sports in Washington as a strength and conditioning coach. He has trained numerous professional athletes in both team and individual sports as well as athletes from surrounding west coast colleges and high schools. Stephen is currently working with club programs, high school programs, college programs and pro athletes throughout Orange County, California who compete in soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, lacrosse, football, softball and other sports.

Stephen has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their personal fitness and/or athletic goals in weight loss and muscle gain and has helped over 75 athletes continue their athletic careers into college sports on partial and full athletic scholarships.

His expertise is focused in the areas of sport specific training, injury prevention and exercise therapy: all central components in the operation of Functional Sports Performance. Stephen has earned a stellar reputation throughout the industry and brings tremendous strength and experience to this enterprise. His dedication to this field drives him to continually expand his knowledge base in personal training and business.