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We train the SoCal Navy SEAL and SWCC candidates for the U.S. Navy so the facilities that we train at are just as important to us as the men that we train to operate around the globe in the most extreme conditions. I do not often give a five star rating because almost always, there is one or two items that are blindingly obvious and need to change but FSP has done it right from the start.  The First thing that you will notice before you even walk inside is that you can park there easily.  The second thing you will notice as you walk inside is that FSP is set up for success in not just one training modality but in MANY training modalities!  I cannot tell you enough how much strength training is connected to speed training and speed is connected to agility training and vice versa and so on and so on.  The staff is experienced in group sports and individual training and that is another plus that you do not find in great quantity in SoCal gyms.  Our guys need to be uncommonly strong, they need to be very fast and they need to be extremely endurable.  I cannot know what is good for each of you reading this but I can know that I can use the FSP facility and their staff to take a mere mortal and turn him into a hard charging Navy Seal Program ready candidate as he heads off to BUDs and that is more than I even hope to ask for in most facilities.