Testimonials for our Personal Training, Strength Training, Weight Loss Training, Sport Training and Athletic Performance Training in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County CA, Santa Ana, Tustin and Surrounding Areas

  • “Stephen is a great trainer, not only that but a very positive person. The gym is full of great vibes and smiles everyone is very friendly. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone”

    - Jessica P.

  • I absolutely love this facility! Great location, great staff, great trainers and all the necessary equipment. It has the equipment and overall size of one of the big gyms, without the crowds and the annoying sales pitches. Functional Sports Performance is where to go if you are looking for a perfect facility to get and stay fit. They also have a chiropractor on site that can help get your body feeling 100% before and after a workout. I highly recommend this fitness and health facility!

    - Ahmed K.

  • This is a great facility! The trainers are awesome & are always willing to meet me at my current capabilities to progress me & help me reach my personal goals. Stephen, Andrew & Jeff encourage me in ways that other trainers have not been able to. The owners are seasoned coaches & truly know how to motivate their clients. They also have a fantastic onsite Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Hanstad, who works with numerous modalities to decrease recovery times for sports performance. I would recommend them to all my friends & family.

  • If you want the best, this is where you go! Normally I don’t want to give away such a great secret of wealth and health but it’s too important to not share! The trainers are all friendly and talk to you even if they are not “your” trainer. You never feel watched or stared at no matter how overweight or out of shape. Every one high fives each other and no one quits due to boredom or being mentally degraded like some gyms out there. Make a difference in your life and check out this group of exceptional people! You won’t be sorry!

    - A H.

  • This is a private training gym: everyone here is with a trainer (either a trainer belonging to gym, or an independent trainer that utilizes the gym’s facilities). Plenty of equipment to use, and some fun stuff that trainers have access to like tractor tires, sledgehammers, and a turf track for sprinting and agility training. Everyone is super friendly, and everything is pretty casual since all clients are being supervised by trainers that, at the least, know each other.

    - Joseph L.

  • FSP is a great gym filled with a lot of great private personal trainers as well as FSP’s own staff. Good vibe. Very professional. Not at all a meat market or a “Newport” feel; just real people getting their fitness on.

    Equipment is all state of the art, clean and never difficulty working in your set or having to wait.

    Good bathrooms with showers and lockers. Bring your own towel. Wi-Fi. Good parking.


    - Eric H.

  • Ask yourself this question, where can you go and get personal training for the low price they offer in your membership? And the answer is you’ll be hard pressed to find a gem like this one. Hands down this is the best place because you receive personalized assistance and they challenge you and change the workout every time. Meaning you gets results sooner. They also train hard core athletes, so they’ve gained an amazing reputation for results. And best of all with my busy schedule, they still fit me in just fine. Thank you Erica for recommending them to me, I’m just kicking myself for starting there sooner!

    - Ann R.

  • Love Functional Sports Performance. After having my second kid, I wanted a place that would help me get back into shape, make me accountable and also was flexible with my busy schedule. Stephen, owner and trainer, is absolutely amazing. I come to the gym on my lunch break and never know what to expect so my body never gets used to what I’m doing which helps me keep motivated and get back in shape! Thanks for helping this momma get her confidence back and her body back!

    - Carly F.

  • Can NOT being to explain how much i love this place! Stephen is amazing! He’s nothing like any other trainer that I have ever met. He makes me want to come to the gym and I have more muscle now than I did when I was in high school. This is the closest I have ever been to the body I want and I know it’s just a matter of time till I reach my goal. All in all, I love the style of this gym and the program they set up for you. The cherry on top is the price is very reasonable! Call and talk to Stephen or his business partner, Alex. They offer a free trial!!!

    - Brooke K.

  • Always a great burn workout the smiles from all the trainers and energy make it easy. Thanks Stephen and all the trainers that make me strong each day.

    - Flav C.

  • These guys are the best! They are helping me tremendously to get back into shape after a serious back injury.


    - Jeffrey F.

  • We train the SoCal Navy SEAL and SWCC candidates for the U.S. Navy so the facilities that we train at are just as important to us as the men that we train to operate around the globe in the most extreme conditions. I do not often give a five star rating because almost always, there is one or two items that are blindingly obvious and need to change but FSP has done it right from the start.  The First thing that you will notice before you even walk inside is that you can park there easily.  The second thing you will notice as you walk inside is that FSP is set up for success in not just one training modality but in MANY training modalities!  I cannot tell you enough how much strength training is connected to speed training and speed is connected to agility training and vice versa and so on and so on.  The staff is experienced in group sports and individual training and that is another plus that you do not find in great quantity in SoCal gyms.  Our guys need to be uncommonly strong, they need to be very fast and they need to be extremely endurable.  I cannot know what is good for each of you reading this but I can know that I can use the FSP facility and their staff to take a mere mortal and turn him into a hard charging Navy Seal Program ready candidate as he heads off to BUDs and that is more than I even hope to ask for in most facilities. 


    - Coach Mac, Team Eagle One