The Magic Pill that Decreases Your Risk of All-Cause Mortality

Over the holidays, so much stuff is going on that it can be difficult to get to the gym and workout. Family is normally in town and most of your days get spent shopping, cleaning, and cooking. You may have even wondered if it was worth the stress to go and workout when there were so many other things that needed to be done… well, how are you feeling this month?

If you’re feeling the holidays on your waistline, the chances are you may have had a few more opportunities for movement than you may have previously thought.

There is a new movement that is getting a lot of traction in the medical field and it is called exercise is medicine. There is a new study that found the more you exercise, the lower chance you have of all-cause mortality. This means that by simply exercising more, you lower your risk of dying from anything!

The coolest finding from the study is that the largest jump happens in people who have done absolutely nothing and then begin to exercise. This can be something as simple as walking at a brisk pace, 5 days a week, for 30 minutes. Just think about that! If you aren’t working out at all and you simply start walking a little bit each day, you can greatly decrease your risk of all-cause mortality.

The easiest way for you to go about doing this is to break up the thirty minutes into segments.

Here are a few examples of ways that you can segment your thirty minutes:

  1. When going to work or shopping, park your car at the end of the parking lot. This forces you to walk both to the store and then back to your car.
  2. Start your morning with a brisk 5-10 minute walk.
  3. Take your dog for a walk. So many people just take their dogs outside and walk around with them until they go potty only to go right back inside. Instead, take you dog for a nice 10-20 minute walk.
  4. Walk around your office during your lunch break.
  5. Take the stairs.

By simply adding these five things into your day, you will decrease your risk of all-cause mortality and increase your quality of life, at the same time!

Team FSP