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You can be who you want to be

Weight Loss Training by Functional Sports Performance

If you’ve been riding the diet and exercise roller coaster, you’re probably frustrated. Maybe you’re convinced that nothing will help you lose the weight you want to lose. After all, shedding a couple of pounds only to regain them isn’t winning a battle: it’s losing the war.

Working out and starving yourself isn’t the answer. Many people are actually slowing their body’s natural metabolism by consuming too few calories, so their bodies hold onto calories. Others reward exercise with food. Still others are using exercise routines designed for a mass market that doesn’t begin to address individual needs.

Programs designed for individuals, not groups

If it’s not about you, it’s not going to work

The professionals at Functional Sports Performance don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. We know that exercise and nutrition are both important components…and we know how to create a training regimen that addresses individual needs and fits your unique personality. Group training classes and other mass produced packages can’t address individual needs. Think about weight loss training in terms of visiting your doctor. The very first thing your friendly family physician does before prescribing any medication or treatment is to conduct an examination. Prescription before examination is malpractice.

At Functional Sports Performance, we take the same client-focused approach. In order to create a weight loss program that’s right for you, we first have to KNOW you.

Reaching your goal: that’s our goal

Once we’ve gathered the necessary information about you, we create a weight loss training program that takes into consideration all the individual attributes that make you who you are. These programs are administered and monitored by Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists who have years of experience in helping men and women reach their weight loss goals. Our proven methods are tailored to help you reach and exceed the goals we set together.

We’re here to keep you focused…and celebrate your success

Functional Sports Performance has created a community of support…an environment that provides you with the encouragement to continue and fosters the desire to succeed. Our personal trainers hold you accountable, regularly reviewing your progress and adjusting your program as necessary to facilitate continued success. We monitor your weight loss…and provide the tools you need to self-monitor, such as our proprietary Functional Sports Performance app. Our trainers are here to maximize results by focusing on mindset, movement and technique. We work hard and we have fun while we work together to help you achieve the results you want.