Why Be Motivated?

In today’s time, we are seeing the most unmotivated population ever recorded in our history. The overweight population continues to rise and youth sports participation continues to be on the decline. This is a big problem that has many different components to it. Below I am highlighting the 3 biggest problems we are facing as a species and how we can get around them, start caring about our health and become motivated again. 

One of the biggest problems we have is that we are so used to everything being light-speed fast that we are no longer in touch with the reality that losing weight and getting into shape takes time, effort, consistency and constant motivation. You can’t lose weight the right way by doing it super fast unless you radically change your lifestyle, nutrition and workout habits. Many people want to lose weight and get into better shape, but also want it to be the fastest process ever. What tends to happen is they try the new fad diet plans or workout routines that only work for a brief period of time, but then they are back in the boat where they started, or worse, have gained it all back again and more. You have to stick to changing your lifestyle and habits to continue to see and maintain progress. You have to stay motivated. So many people stay motivated for a day or a week or a month – often from something they saw or someone they listened to. You have to stay focused for at least 90 days to create a new habit and stay motivated to keep going after that. 

The second problem is we have moved away from doing things that are helpful to our health and wellness. We’ve become complacent with things that are harmful or detrimental to our wellbeing. When we become lazy, we justify our actions to ourselves and believe our own excuses. The average person 40 years old and younger spends an average of 8 hours a day on social media platforms. We must stop and consider whether this is an extreme waste of time or not. In reality, our bodies are the ones that suffer. We were designed to be active and in motion. Sitting behind screens all day may quite possibly destroy our health and bodies. In the US, the medical field is now a 75 trillion dollar industry and increasing. We are lazier and, in turn, our health is worse than ever before. Current trends are not necessarily changing this. We have lost our motivation and we traded it for screen time. 

The third issue is that we have normalized being unhealthy. As a consequence, we don’t really see it as a problem anymore. We have also normalized being complacent and lazy. We have had the motivation to care sucked out of us because we have gotten used to everything coming to us so easily. Being healthy and in good shape cannot be downloaded from our phone so we have lost our motivation to care. We have to actually do something to make progress in the right ways, which means truly making some life changes that will help us live healthier, higher-quality lives. 

If we want to be motivated again and we want to make some changes, then we have to look at ourselves and find some self-motivation. If you look to others to give that to you, then you will never be able to achieve what you want because no one can give you the motivation you need every single day for every single self-disciplinary task. The truth is many people need help getting into the swing of things when it comes to fitness and finding your level of comfort in the gym and working out.

If you do need help getting back on track, please reach out to our team at Functional Sports Performance & Training and let us help you get to where you envision yourself. Always remember: you deserve a high level of health, wellness ad physical fitness. We’re ready when you are.