Why Is Having a Workout Buddy the Best Thing for Your Success?

We have so many reasons and excuses for why we can’t get to the gym, why we can’t stay motivated and why we can’t find success.  Guess what, a driven partner with the same goals can make all the difference in the world.  It is always a great idea to find someone that wants to go to the gym and accomplish some goals with you.  

There are three major reasons why we should have a workout partner: 

1.) Now you have a person that is your friend, spouse, work colleague, or accountability partner who you have to make it to the gym for, too. It’s hard to disappoint others that are holding us to our word to be somewhere, just as you should be doing the same for them. This gives us another reason to be at the gym, as opposed to finding another reason to not be at the gym. Achieving fitness goals are always hard work and that isn’t going to change, so we need to have a support system that will always help motivate and push us to go harder. Each of us can do that for each other.

2.) You have another person to set goals with and rejoice in the victories with, which can be rewards that you celebrate together.  Reward ideas could be things like taking a 3-day weekend trip to the mountains to snowboard or ski, going to that restaurant that you both wanted to go for a dinner, or anything that you both want to do to celebrate your combined successes.  It is very important to have rewards written down somewhere for mile stones that you can celebrate, which helps with constant motivation, as well.  Write that end, final goal down and then make incremental goals from there.  Set those milestones so you’re realistically able to hit each goal within a 3-4 month time frame by being committed and working hard.

3.) As you continue to get stronger, faster and more fit, you will need someone to be able to spot you as you lift and so will they.  This makes life a little easier, so you don’t have to constantly be asking strangers for help, which can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. This also helps in pushing and challenging each other because we know we have a spotter to help us, which means we can constantly be pushing as hard as possible; therefore, we reach our goals a little quicker.  Plus, it’s nice to have someone to talk to about life and exchange ideas and advice with. If you’re struggling with your goals and trying to get into the gym, grab a buddy. That’s also why it’s awesome to have a trainer.  Make sure you find someone who both knows what they are doing and is helping you get results.