Why Should You Incorporate HIIT Workouts into Your Training?

It’s often appropriate to supplement your training and fitness journey with HIIT workouts due to their ability to challenge you in different ways than your usual workout routine.  Changing up your training is beneficial to weight loss and muscle gain because it prevents the body from acclimating to a certain type of training. 

What is High-Intensity Interval Training?

These are intense workouts aimed to raise your heart rate from close to its resting state to 80%-95% of its cardiovascular potential.  In between intervals, it’s important to catch your breath.  However, the idea is to allow your heart to work hard to improve cardiovascular function to assist in weight loss and muscle gain. HIIT training sessions are fun, complete body workouts.

How do I prepare? Fuel up prior to a HIIT workout.

When performing an intense workout, make sure you’re properly fueled and ready to go.  Hydrating and eating a healthy snack prior to your workout can help deter headaches and nausea while allowing you to uphold the energy, have fun and perform your best.

Key to Post Workout:

Post workouts should consist of more carbs to restore and recover.  A healthy diet is necessary to get the most out of any workout.  Proper hydration is also key to remain at a healthy balance.  Water is necessary before, during, and after your workout.  After longer workouts, replacing electrolytes is also very important for recovery.  

Remember that your specific caloric needs will be based on how long your workout lasts. Experiment with different pre and post-workout meals that work best for you. Nutrition is a priority for those looking to live a healthy lifestyle and is key to performing and feeling your best.

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